Welcome among friends of the Qameleo.

You are perhaps curious parents, grandparents or caretakers of kids getting to know the world. Or you may be expecting a child, or have got here by chance.

Whatever the reason, we are pleased to present to you our company – the Qameleo.

Our idea stemmed from our will to create black-white accessories and toys for infants. Magical things full of contrasts, which will drive the little ones to acquire new skills, develop senses, support parents in bonding with their child.

Right after birth our beloved children need first and foremost parental warmth and the sense of safety; however, stimulation when they’re awake is equally important. It is well known that infants’ sight is imperfect. The little ones see everything blurred, as if through fog. They don’t differentiate colors and most eagerly observe black-white contrasts and simple geometrical figures. Too many stimuli upset and tire them. The Qameleo with a green tail collection was created based on this knowledge – welcome to the world of contrasts. You will find here contrasting educational mats, feeding pillows, books and toys fit right for little hands. The plum is never idle. It is calling for its friends today and together they invite you to browse through the Plum & co. collection – all fruity.

The Qameleo products are manufactured in Poland. We want to ensure our products have the best possible quality, therefore we choose simple and aesthetical design and clear image of our toys.

We hope that our toys will help you in bonding with the most important persons in the world – your children.

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